"Priced to be the first suppressor you buy; engineered to be the last."

Zayin Tactical



4130 Chromoly - Cerakoted - Unconditional Lifetime Warranty


If its broke, we can fix it. If it ain't broke, we can laugh together. If we can't find the part, we'll machine it for you!


When you absolutely need to stop a grizzly... on the other side of that building, behind that second bus!

Want a suppressor but don't feel like duct-taping one to the end of your non-threaded barrel? We've got you covered!



Zack Cross

Tamara Cross

Angela Matthews

Aurora Matthews



Technical Designer

Quality Control

Lathe jocky, web flunky, gunsmith and beard enthusiast.

Nickname - Papa

The mother of those I call children, my inspiration and soon to be farmer of all things I  will eat.

CAD monkey, Pud wrangler/mother and our daughter.

Drummer in Papas band, kung-fu - magenta belt, avid arrow  chucker and granddaughter.

Nickname -MamaGoose

Nickname - Tater

(aka Etch-A-Sketch)

Nickname - Puddin'

(aka "ThePud"

rhymes with good)


Owner- Zack Cross

I am a veteran of the United States Army, having served from 1985 to 1992 with distinction, honorably discharged.  From 2006 to 2012 I served in the capacity of Government Contractor as a Remote Weapons Station Tech on the Stryker program in Iraq, Kuwait and Qatar.  I am a graduate of the Olympic College Machining Program, finishing at the top of my class.  Aside from machining, I have been building and customizing firearms for myself most of my life, having owned one since the age of 6.  I am a lover of America, a Patriot, and a believer that small manufacturing and the healthy competition and personal pride it fosters is the bedrock and lifeblood of America.  I state without hesitation that without the ability to produce quality, hand-crafted items, America will lose her place in the world and become dependent on those who neither share her beliefs nor have her best interest at heart.  I am a Constitutionalist, and stand on that document as the Founding Fathers wrote and intended it.


Zayin Tactical

Zayin Tactical is Southeast Alaska's first and only premier Small Arm and Suppressor Manufacturer. Aside from producing new designs and improving old ones, we are a fully-functioning machine shop, offering services from prototyping to gunsmithing, cerakoting, barrel-threading and custom orders to meet your needs!  My first commitment is to support local, Veteran-owned businesses in all my dealings. Secondarily, my goal is to use American-made/sourced materials whenever possible.  With this in mind, I am proud to support teams like Oscar Mike and am, myself, a proud member of VOB.  I will be seeking out others as business progresses.


The letter Zayin

My name is Zack Cross.  A rather biblical name, of sorts.  My first name starts with the letter Z. (Duh. Sorry... just checking to see if you were still with me.)  In Hebrew the letter Z is pronounced Zayin, and is the 7th letter in the Hebrew alphabet.  It has the numeric value of 7, and represents completion.  Zayin has many connotations; however, in most cases and certainly in this one, it represents the sword. Many feel as I do, that the 'crowned Zayin' (the Crowned Man with a sword) represents Jesus or Yashua (His birth name) in Revelation 19.  If you have not caught on by now, I am a Christian.  Many people in and of this world have tried to convince modern Christians that they should be pacifists and lay down their swords, and will cherry-pick certain scriptures to control those who disagree with them.  Context in regard to scripture is king.  I believe we are to love our fellow man just as we love ourselves (Matthew 19), and our neighbor is often not someone we identify with (Luke 10).  I also believe we are to protect the weak and innocent (Proverbs 24 and 31, Psalm 82 and Isaiah 1).  The command to turn the other cheek (Matthew 5) is just and true, but also contextual and circumstantial.  Nowhere in the bible does it say to sit back and watch evil men do evil things to your spouse, your children or your neighbor.  Nowhere.   With that said, I believe there is a time and a place for everything under the sun- a time to mourn and a time to laugh, a time to live and a time to die (Ecclesiastes 3).  Remember – context is king.  Modern Christianity tries to ignore its Jewish roots, when in reality that is the family we were adopted/grafted into.  The old testament is just as relevant today as it was then.  So... that is what Zayin is, and this is who I am.  If I haven't lost you yet, great!  I would LOVE to be your provider for small arms, suppressors, accessories and services.  If you find yourself curious to learn more about the letter Zayin, click here.


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$299 *



Unconditional Lifetime Warranty   4130 Chromoly Steel -  Any Caliber  Cerakote Finish

(Choice of Graphite Black, OD Green or Coyote Tan)

Oscar Mike Hoodie - Free Shipping



                        Zayin Tactical's UNCONDITIONAL Lifetime Warranty:


      * Squished from being run over by a Stryker MGS? No problem.

        * Teeth marks from a grizzly? Don't sweat it.

        * Threads damaged by an overzealous brother-in-law trying to prove himself? No worries.

        * Accidentally microwaved it instead of your burrito? We're gonna laugh at you, but you're covered.


            (Do any of these a second time and your picture goes up on the Wall of Shame.)


      Seriously, though- if you can ship it back to us and we can tell it's ours, we'll replace it for free!


zTac - Gen1

Limited time offer - Price reflects 30 day GRAND OPENING promotion.

Price does not include taxes (If in the 99901 Zip Code)



Why are your suppressors so cheap?


I do not like the word "cheap", unless it refers to shiny plastic items produced in China or Mexico - I would use the word “affordable”. So to answer the question, I would say first of all, I am not greedy. I do not believe in a business model that asks for higher prices just because one can. Secondly, I want YOUR business – plain and simple.


Are your suppressors made of cheap or poor quality materials?


Absolutely not. In fact, not only are we using top quality, certified 4130 Chromoly (Read why here).  All machining tolerances will be held to .003 (three thousandths) or greater. In addition, our lifetime warranty has 1 and only 1 condition – Return our suppressor, regardless of condition, for any reason. Each suppressor is built for long lasting durability, featuring quality materials, processes and design.


What is your return policy?


90 Day Return Policy - Up to 90 days after you physically receive your suppressor, you may return the suppressor for a full refund - for any reason. (Return shipping will be paid by you as we paid for shipping the item to you)


What is your shipping policy?


Upon receipt of your valid Form 4 (Tax Stamp) Zayin Tactical will ship to an FFL holder of your choice. Method of shipping will be USPS. Tracking and Insurance will be purchased by Zayin Tactical. Tracking information will be forwarded to you via email.


What about my privacy


Your Privacy is paramount here at Zayin Tactical. The only information retained is what is legally required. Your information will never be given away, sold or misused. We value your right to privacy as much as we value you as a customer.


What do I get for $299?


1.) zTac Gen1 Suppressor (Choice of caliber and threading)(Cerakote - choice of 3 colors)

2.) Zayin Tactical Hoodie (From Oscar-Mike) with Zayin Tactical logo and caliber of choice printed on left breast.

3.) Free shipping

4.) Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

5.) Trade Up – The zTac Gen2 is expected to price up to $800 or more. Regardless of original purchase price, purchasers of the original zTac   Gen1 will have the option of trading straight up, their Gen1 for the Gen2 - shipping and handling cost not included.

6.) Free shop tour, to include coffee and ONE (and only ONE cookie) of your choice. (Legal disclaimer -This is to deter those with the idea of camping out behind our shop and planning to live off of cookies.)








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